Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 - Asset Mapping

Step 1: click on hand out #2
Handout #2

Step 2: sign in and make a copy
Sign in
Make a Copy
Rename "Asset Map Data  Last Name, First Name Initial"
Step 3 - finish list of at least 20 community assets - share - make public.
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Hand out #2 Instructions
Rubric for Asset Mapping:

Hand out #1

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We're back from CST's!
Week 1 May 21st - May 25th
Monday:  Students will be assigned project. Students will do asset mapping of their community using a free version of GIS software.  Goal for the day: Students will map 12 different types of buildings that serve the community. They will choose one type for their project.

Tuesday: Students will go on a field trip to Cal Poly Pomona - Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies Goal for the day: Students will learn about strategies people use to design buildings that reuse waste and save energy.

Short Day - Goal: Students will get started sketching their building

Thursday: .  Maria Gomez (M.Arch) will teach the basics of model making. Goal for the day: Students will get started on building models.

Friday: Students will continue working on scale model project. Visitor Nicole Velasquez will teach about affordable housing and green buildings. Goal for the day: Students will learn about affordable housing and will make changes to their building from ideas they gather from Ms. Velasquez' buildings. They will also have  a short quiz on green structures.

Week 2 - May 28 - June 1st

Monday: Students will have time to finish their 3d Models

Tuesday: Engineer Mr. Kit Wong will come and teach us the basics about working with Google Sketch.  Students will work on a digital design.

Project Due: Friday June 1st 2012.