Pre Calculus Units 2017/2018

This page is where I store links to my funtivities for every unit.

I use Cohen’s Pre Calculus 7th Edition.  My class is traditional, lecture style format.  Boring, I know. I try to mix it up with various interative funtivities while keeping the highest expectations possible.

New 2017:
Started teaching limits and the definition of the derivative. I have no funtivities yet since I’m just starting out. Email me if you know of any.

New 2015:

I found a great resource for students who are absent. Ms. Davis' Flipped Classroom! This is awesome because  she uses the same text book.
Thank you Ms. Davis!

Unit 1 – Introduction to trig, radians, the unit circle, the basics.

·            Stick and String  by Algebra Project (Discovery)

Stick and String Student Hand out -

Unit Circle

Paper Plates

Activity Version 3

I used twizzlers last year for extra fun.

Trigonometric Identities


Mid-Level Activity:
(Print, Cut and Paste into flash cards - each group gets 1 card at a time and must prove identity - group wit most flash cards wins)

Flashcards .pdf

Unit 2 – Graphing

A. Spaghetti Sine :
Here is a video I made for students who are absent.

Odd/Even Review Foldable 

Transformations Foldable 

C. SCRAMBLE Card Matching: (YES, We Print on index cards using a regular HP deskjet school printer!)

Mid-Level Activity:

2. Modeling
Ferris Wheel Card Matching

Summative Project:

3. Sunrise Sunset Graphing Project -Modeling -  A*sinuoid(Bx-C) +D

Flip Book
Matching Worksheets and activities

Unit 3 – Analytic Trigonometry, inverses, properties, more identities

Analytic Trigonometry

I have student derive each formula, rather than memorize cute is this:


C. SCRAMBLE Card Matching: (YES, We Print on index cards using a regular HP deskjet school printer!)

TRIG ID's using Double Angle Formulas

Inverse Functions

No funtivities. I found this blog post, but there's a charge for the activity. 

Semester 2

Law of Sines and Cosines

Bearings and Air Navigation

Pascal's Triangle:


Two years ago, I had a particulary gifted class.
We had a fun time reviewing the binomial
theorem and pascals triangle in using parametric
equations to create some artwork. I would only do this 
with a very advanced mega honors class.

Bezier Curves:

Sequences and Series

Introduction Activity
Sequences (Regular)

Series (Honors)


I have nothing for his. I spend a day reviewing parametric and mixing it up with trig fxns and move on.

Polar Coordinates and Graphs

2017 New! From Blog: Infinitesums
I asked my admin if I could do this but they didn't respond. I took it as no. I'll try again next year.

I also do so many forms of graph matching. Here is a resource



Imitation Game

This morning I decided to google "Imitation Game Activity" and found this site:

I tweaked the worksheet and found other websites that will allow me to change the message. Maybe next year I will add my own custom class message.
I also thought that next year I can do a cross curricular mini unit with AP/US History or History of WII class.
I found a small resource online for that:

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