Friday, December 2, 2011

2 weeks before semester is over

Project deadline moved to December 6th (tuesday) due to power black outs.
Monday: AA Similarity Postulate
Tuesday:SSS and SAS Similarity Postulate
Wednesday: Proportionality Theorem/Short Cuts
Thursday: Day Off/Black Outs
Friday: Practice Quiz Review and Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers Samples:

Friday, November 18, 2011

End of Semester - Extra Credit Packets

Period1 Period 6 Period 2
Alejandra 341 277 10.pdf
Andres 347 345 11.pdf
Becca 351 348 12.pdf
Cindy 362 368 14.pdf
Daniel 365 369 15.pdf
Danielle 386 375 16.pdf
Estefania 387 381 17.pdf
Freddy 402 396 18.pdf
Gilbert 470 442 19.pdf
Giovanny 521 510 20.pdf
Javier 525 537 21.pdf
Jesus 560 629 22.pdf
Jonathan 574 645 23.pdf
Jovannay 599 648 24.pdf
Karla 606 666 25.pdf
Maria 802 677 26.pdf
Maria 869 694 27.pdf
Miriam 878 709 9.pdf
Sean 886 806 Packet1.pdf
Sebastian 1004 818 Packet2.pdf
Sergio 1041 848 Packet28.pdf
Tania 1047 903 Packet29.pdf
Tiffany 1070 1005 Packet3.pdf
1143 1162 Packet30.pdf
1164 Packet4.pdf
1194 Packet5.pdf
1201 1215 PAcket6.pdf
1212 1223 Packet7.pdf

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 13 - Similarity - Nov 14- Nov 18

Monday -
Video Lab: Why doesn't SSA and AAA work?
Algebra Proj: Similarity
C+B+A+ Scale factor of similar triangles

Warm Up
homework: Finish A+

Warm Up:
Word Problems and Similarity - C+ B+ A+
Homework: Review
Teacher is Sick - Sub Txt book # 1-30
Teacher is Sick - Sub Txt book #30-48

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 12 - College Week

C+B+A+ - Review Day
field trip
Wednesday - SDay
Notes: HL
C+B+A+ (Proofs)
Thursday - Sday
Warm Up
Activity: Pieces of Proof
No School!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 11 - Congruency

Intro- Triangle Shapes Match Up (Algebra Project)
CPCTC - Notes
Classwork C+B+A+

Graphic Organizer
Classwork C+B+A+

Practice Quiz


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 10 - Interior Angles and Exterior Angles of Triangles

Monday-Interior Angle Sum
Warm up
Notes: Proof of Interior Angle Sum
Classwork C+B+A+
Homework: Half-page Handout

Tuesday- Exterior Angles
Warm up
Notes: Finding Exterior Angles using Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs
Classwork: C+B+A+
Homework: #30-36 

Wednesday- Exterior Angle Theorem
Notes: Exterior Angle Theorem -Proof
Classwork: C+B+A+
Homework: Practice Quiz


Warm up:

Classwork: Stations
Homework: Go to website - copy problem from video.

Friday Quiz Day
Warm Up

QuizPage1 - Practice
Quiz Page 2 - Practice

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 9 - Parent Meetings and House Keeping

Day off!
Tuesday (Short Day)  Level 1 - Remembering
Warm Up
Toolkit - Level 1 - Remembering
Draw out your examples
Homework #1 and #2 on half sheet.
Wednesday -  (Short Day) Level 2 - Understanding
Warm Up
Toolkit Level 2
Homework #1 and #2 on half sheet.

Warm Up
Toolkit Analyzing and Applying
      Fix Project
      Practice Quiz
      Fix Project

Weekly Hand outs:
Tool Kit Hand Out

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 8 - Review Week

Monday - Practice Parallel Lines and a Transversal
Warm Up
Notes: Algebra Practice
C+ B+ A+
Homework: Start on Project/Wall - Call home for "incompletes"

Tuesday -

Notes: Complicated Examples
Ex. 1 - SAT Prep
Ex 2 - CST Question (sum/adjancent)
Ex 3 - Parallel or not.  How do you know these are parallel?

 Stations - Parallel Lines
Station 1 - SAT Problems (3 Questions)
Station 2 -SAT Problems (3 Questions)
Station 3 -SAT Problems (3 Questions)
Station 4 - CST Questions (3 Questions)
Station 5 - TextbookWord Problems (4 problems)
Station 6  - Algebra Problems (3 Problems)  (Copy the Problems down for this station!)
Total Points: 19 Points
Homework: Hand out  (3 Questions)

Wednesday - Practice Test
Tool kit #3 - Parallel lines
Level 1 - Diagrams
Level 2 - Parallel or not?
Level 3 - Flow map for algebra problems
Level 4 - Difficult examples. Create your own.
Level 5  - see attachment.
Level 6 - project.
Homework -  Practice for Test (20 questions)

Practice Test
Grade Practice Test
C+ B+ A+


Project Due
Check Notebooks

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 7 - Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal

Monday - Quiz Debrief
Warm up
Quiz Debrief
Quiz Corrections
Start Toolkit:
Level I - Remembering
Level II - Understanding
Level III Applying

Homework: 1-8 Tiny Homework

Tueday - Toolkit
Warm up
Triangle Inequality Review
Practice Quiz Part I 
Classwork - Finish tool kit:
Level IV - Analyzing
Level V - Evaluating
Level V- Creating
Homework - Back part of Practice Quiz - Part II

Wednesday - Post Test

Warm up
classwork: stamps
classwork: I have who has
Post - Quiz
Post Quiz Regrade:
Corrections for Homework.

Thursday - Parallel Lines but by Transversal
Warm up
Friday - Vocabulary Quiz

Warm up
Vocab Quiz

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 6 - Lines - Angles and Triangles

Monday:Naming Angles
Warm Up:  Unit 2 - #6 - Hand out
Stamp-sheets: homemade stamp sheets
(M-T-W-R-F) ( homework, on task notes, on task classwork) (bonus)]
Notes: More on triangle inequality - patty paper and 1 ruler
Notes: what is an angle?
 Classwork: C+ hand out, B+ hand out A+ hand out

Homework: Finish the A+ (only 2 people finished early in class)
Tuesday:Vertical Angles
Warm Up:  WU#7 - tiny hand out
Notes:Vertical Angles
Classwork C+ B+ A+
Homework: Hand out # 20-28 all.
Wednesday: Finish Vertical Angles with Algebra
Warm Up: #8 on the board
Classwork: C+ B+ and A+
Homework: finish A+ assignment
Thursday: Review for quiz

Warm Up: #9 On the board
Stamps: 6 Questions (On the board)
Stations: Table hand outs - do not write on
Homework: Hand out Practice Quiz
 Friday: Quiz
Pt. I - Triangle Inequality
Pt. II - Naming Angles
Pt. III - Vertical Angles

Friday Homework: Organize your notes: Turn them in Monday hole punched and bounded with rubber bands.
1. Hip to be Square
2. Triangle inequality
3. Naming Angles
4. Vertical Angles

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 5 - Intro to Lines

Monday - Words and Definitions
Warm Up: Vocab Review
Activity: Rectangle is a square? Is a rectangle a parallelogram
Shapes Factory: Team Activity
Unit 1 Portfolio Build
Unit 1 - reflection sheet.
Unit 1 - end of unit grade (mid quarter)
Homework: 90 and 91 on hand out

Tuesday - Copy machine is down :(/ House Keeping Day
Warm Up

1-1 Meetings/Check In
Make Up Work
Time for Project
Homework:  finish make up work or extra credit

Wednesday - Lines
Warm Up
Lines Introduction
Bubble Map - straight
C+ Assignment
Homework: Look up Line, Ray and Segment - Dictionary/Glossary Definition

Thursday - Triangle Inequality Theorem
Warm Up
Finish work with Rays
Triangle Inequality
B+ and A+ assignment
Homework: 8-11 on hand out


Day off for field trip /Sub's work

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 4 - Assessments


Warm Up
Review Test Results
Come-up with function conjectures using Mars Task
Create CST Flip Cards for Function Notation of Rotations
Mad MinuteTest
Homework:  Come up with a song, mnemonic device for memorizing the conjectures for function notation of transformations.

Warm Up
Mad Minute
Finish Work from Monday
Homework: Tiny Homework (3 questions) and study for test!

Warm Up
Post Assessment - Using CST Questions
Homework: No homework (testing)

Warm Up #1 - Paper
Vocabulary Definitions
Homework:Vocabulary - study

Warm Up #2 Definitions
Quiz 1- new vocabulary
Test Corrections.
Homework: Flash Cards of the words you still need help learning.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 3 - Wrapping up Isommetries

. Note: Wednesday and Thursday can be interchanged.  Depending on time.

Tuesday - flow maps.

Warm Up - Students will reflect on their performance over the past two weeks.

1. In class, I  try to figure out concepts I don’t understand on my own with out waiting
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time

2. I do my homework every day
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time

3. I study at home
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time
Review Vocabulary - Students will create tree map of transformations using sentence strips.  Students will categorize each word using a mini brace map.    Like stations, except students work in pairs.  When they are finished they copy their strips onto a paper.
Flow Map Students will create a flow map for every type transformation.  They must provide their own example.
NCTM + Sign Worksheet
NCTM Shape worksheet 
Homework: Start on part 1 of project.

Wednesday - Stations
Warm Up: Student reflects on how much of the project they have completed.
 Station 1 – CST prep
Station 2 – C+, B+,A+ (from software)
Station 3 – Problems from book
Station 4 – Card Matching
Station 5 – Data tables
Station 6 – categorizing – manipulating vocabulary strips.
Homework:  problems from book.

Thursday – Part 2 of project due. Prepare and wrap up.
Warm Up: a translation, a rotation and reflections using data tables.
Create graphic organizers - Foldables - students will use their flow maps but we will have the same example.
Project draft due - Call home right there and then if there is no draft.
Time to work on project.  Students can ask questions and ask for classifications.
Homework: Practice test.  Study using graphic organizer. 

Friday –  Test
Quick review – stamps 6 problems, stamp each problem as student finishes. Must finish 5 to get credit.
Part 1 – Generated Software
Part 2 – CST modified
Part 3 – Short response.

Location of lesson plan:
->Geometry 2011-2012
->Unit 1 - Symmetries
Location of Hand outs
->Geometry 2011-2012
->Unit 1 - Symmetries