Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 6 - Lines - Angles and Triangles

Monday:Naming Angles
Warm Up:  Unit 2 - #6 - Hand out
Stamp-sheets: homemade stamp sheets
(M-T-W-R-F) ( homework, on task notes, on task classwork) (bonus)]
Notes: More on triangle inequality - patty paper and 1 ruler
Notes: what is an angle?
 Classwork: C+ hand out, B+ hand out A+ hand out

Homework: Finish the A+ (only 2 people finished early in class)
Tuesday:Vertical Angles
Warm Up:  WU#7 - tiny hand out
Notes:Vertical Angles
Classwork C+ B+ A+
Homework: Hand out # 20-28 all.
Wednesday: Finish Vertical Angles with Algebra
Warm Up: #8 on the board
Classwork: C+ B+ and A+
Homework: finish A+ assignment
Thursday: Review for quiz

Warm Up: #9 On the board
Stamps: 6 Questions (On the board)
Stations: Table hand outs - do not write on
Homework: Hand out Practice Quiz
 Friday: Quiz
Pt. I - Triangle Inequality
Pt. II - Naming Angles
Pt. III - Vertical Angles

Friday Homework: Organize your notes: Turn them in Monday hole punched and bounded with rubber bands.
1. Hip to be Square
2. Triangle inequality
3. Naming Angles
4. Vertical Angles

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 5 - Intro to Lines

Monday - Words and Definitions
Warm Up: Vocab Review
Activity: Rectangle is a square? Is a rectangle a parallelogram
Shapes Factory: Team Activity
Unit 1 Portfolio Build
Unit 1 - reflection sheet.
Unit 1 - end of unit grade (mid quarter)
Homework: 90 and 91 on hand out

Tuesday - Copy machine is down :(/ House Keeping Day
Warm Up

1-1 Meetings/Check In
Make Up Work
Time for Project
Homework:  finish make up work or extra credit

Wednesday - Lines
Warm Up
Lines Introduction
Bubble Map - straight
C+ Assignment
Homework: Look up Line, Ray and Segment - Dictionary/Glossary Definition

Thursday - Triangle Inequality Theorem
Warm Up
Finish work with Rays
Triangle Inequality
B+ and A+ assignment
Homework: 8-11 on hand out


Day off for field trip /Sub's work

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 4 - Assessments


Warm Up
Review Test Results
Come-up with function conjectures using Mars Task
Create CST Flip Cards for Function Notation of Rotations
Mad MinuteTest
Homework:  Come up with a song, mnemonic device for memorizing the conjectures for function notation of transformations.

Warm Up
Mad Minute
Finish Work from Monday
Homework: Tiny Homework (3 questions) and study for test!

Warm Up
Post Assessment - Using CST Questions
Homework: No homework (testing)

Warm Up #1 - Paper
Vocabulary Definitions
Homework:Vocabulary - study

Warm Up #2 Definitions
Quiz 1- new vocabulary
Test Corrections.
Homework: Flash Cards of the words you still need help learning.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 3 - Wrapping up Isommetries

. Note: Wednesday and Thursday can be interchanged.  Depending on time.

Tuesday - flow maps.

Warm Up - Students will reflect on their performance over the past two weeks.

1. In class, I  try to figure out concepts I don’t understand on my own with out waiting
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time

2. I do my homework every day
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time

3. I study at home
1 – Never 2 – Sometimes 3-Most of the time 4-All the time
Review Vocabulary - Students will create tree map of transformations using sentence strips.  Students will categorize each word using a mini brace map.    Like stations, except students work in pairs.  When they are finished they copy their strips onto a paper.
Flow Map Students will create a flow map for every type transformation.  They must provide their own example.
NCTM + Sign Worksheet
NCTM Shape worksheet 
Homework: Start on part 1 of project.

Wednesday - Stations
Warm Up: Student reflects on how much of the project they have completed.
 Station 1 – CST prep
Station 2 – C+, B+,A+ (from software)
Station 3 – Problems from book
Station 4 – Card Matching
Station 5 – Data tables
Station 6 – categorizing – manipulating vocabulary strips.
Homework:  problems from book.

Thursday – Part 2 of project due. Prepare and wrap up.
Warm Up: a translation, a rotation and reflections using data tables.
Create graphic organizers - Foldables - students will use their flow maps but we will have the same example.
Project draft due - Call home right there and then if there is no draft.
Time to work on project.  Students can ask questions and ask for classifications.
Homework: Practice test.  Study using graphic organizer. 

Friday –  Test
Quick review – stamps 6 problems, stamp each problem as student finishes. Must finish 5 to get credit.
Part 1 – Generated Software
Part 2 – CST modified
Part 3 – Short response.

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