Thursday, June 4, 2015

Imitation Game

We finished final exams and still have two more periods left in the year.  I decided to show the Oscar nominated film the Imitation Game. It's very hard to find a math movie that is relevant to students.  I was so excited when I saw this in the theater last fall.  I kept praying it was classroom friendly and I was relieved to see it was PG 13.

This morning I decided to google "Imitation Game Activity" and found this site:

I tweaked the worksheet and found other websites that will allow me to change the message. Maybe next year I will add my own custom class message.

I also thought that next year I can do a cross curricular mini unit with AP/US History or History of WII class.

I found a small resource online for that:


We also had a breakfast themed party!  Great idea for a class that starts at the beginning of the day.
We had donuts, bagels, mcmuffins, bacon, fruit, cereal, OJ, and milk. What a great party!  I heard it made it onto snapchat (I let them take pictures of our buffet.)

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